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Screw Fox, or: "Sunshine" bombed, and it's all your fault!

I didn't have expectations for "Sunshine", one of my most awaited movies of the summer, to break any box office records this past weekend. But holy Moses on a pogo stick, I never expected it to do this awful!

Obviously "The Simpsons Movie" was guaranteed to take up a chunk of the box office total, and I'm happy it did so well (while being simultaneously happy that "I Know Who Killed Me" bombed so terribly). But what the fuck? "Sunshine" didn't even make the top ten?!

What is wrong with people??

Or better yet, WHAT IS WRONG WITH FOX?????

Note: You can tell I mean business because I used caps and multiple question marks. I'm fucking hardcore like that.

After a pathetic 10 theater limited opening, and the proceeding (equally pathetic) 400 theater wide release, it seemed the incredibly talented Danny Boyle was getting shunned once again in the U.S. "That's ok," I thought. "After the success of '28 Days Later', he's sure to find an audience. Plus, the film had a kickass trailer, filled with stunning visuals like these..."

C'mon now. That's fucking beautiful. What else do people need? A good story? Yeah, you do?

Read it and weep!

Fifty years from now, the sun is dying, and mankind is dying with it. Our last hope: a spaceship and a crew of eight men and women. They carry a device which will breathe new life into the star. But deep into their voyage, out of radio contact with Earth, their mission is starting to unravel.

Reigniting the goddamn sun. Doesn't get much cooler than that. What, that doesn't satisfy you? You want good actors too?

Baam! You got 'em!

Aside from Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans, you may not be entirely familiar with these actors' work, but I can guarantee you've seen them before (even if you can't pinpoint exactly where). Rest assured, they're very talented.

Not enough for you?

Here. Have some more screenshots.

If you want to be even more impressed, go see the movie. It's one of the best sci-fi flicks since 2001, and has some of the most breathtaking visuals I've ever seen put on film. It's also got about half a dozen thrilling action sequences, so prepare to have your ass kicked all over the theater (in the best way possible).

But whatever you do, DO NOT check out the latest disaster of Fox's marketing campaign. If you've already seen the film, feel free to grimace in disgust at the official "Sunshine" site to see what I'm talking about... (Scroll down a little and look to the left.)

I can't quite explain what I'm so pissed about without spoiling the film, but I guess if you've seen a TV spot or online ad of it recently, you've probably already had the film spoiled for you anyway.

Because apparently, Fox's ingenious scheme behind the movie is to reveal exactly what happens to the characters. That's right, they've actually turned spoiling a film into the marketing for it as well. Harry Potter haters would be proud.

In fact, maybe Warner Bros. will follow suit when releasing The Half-Blood Prince, tagging each trailer with "_____ kills __________!" in huge white text (except replacing the blanks with the actual names, obviously - I think you all know who I'm talking about). That'll teach those fucking moviegoers for paying up their hard-earned cash! The pricks!

So if you were an unfortunate victim of the spoiler-y tactics of Fox's shitty advertising team, I apologize on behalf of them. Don't let it sway you from watching the movie though. Even if you know what happens, the quality of the film is still high enough to overcome whatever those masterminds over at Fox are willing to throw at you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to find movie showtimes for "Sunshine" near you!

P.S. Nobody paid me to promote this film. It's just really fucking good.


It looks like sci-fi by a non-sci-fi person, as if he is totally unaware that the premise is idiotic, and unaware that this might be a big problem.

Well said, quigles. The movie belongs in the top 10 of all time in my opinion. Fucking idiots at fox need to get their heads out of their asses and give it a nation-wide release. They better put it on blu-ray, too.

Woo hoo! Love this review!

Tell FOX:

and...go see it twice! The second time is better and the third-well, the best so far...going a fourth time tomorrow with my daughter-in-law!

Yes, it's that good!

I respectfully disagree. It's a mostly blurry movie with some nice special effects and way to much crescendo. The best review I saw of this is to go enjoy the first half of the movie through the point where the airlock blows, then leave, since it's just a thin gruel of out-of-focus horror afterwards.

The main reason it is so low on the list is because it's not showing anywhere. I live in Pittsburgh PA, a pretty large city, and it isn't in any theaters. I downloaded a version simply because I couldn't see it in the theaters. I will buy it on DVD when it comes out, but it's all on FOX here man. I thought it was an awesome movie.

saw a russian subbed version of it a month or so ago.
totally blew me away!!!
I couldn't wait to see it on the big screen.
i didn't know it was a limited release at first and got super exicted when it was comming out. only to find out it was limited..
so i though it'll be out next week.
nor the week after..
the closest place it's playing is over 100 miles from me..
i am sad..
BUT then a dvd rip became availble online and i got it. and plan on taking it to my friends house with his 50 inch tv.
rather see it at the theater but i can't..
I am sooo buy this as soon as it gets released... IT's GREAT!!!

I can't understand the decision to open it in the crowded summer market. This isn't a teen movie that's going to be affected by the school-going crowd.

That said, I'm sure the third act is what's hurting word of mouth. It's damn near perfect up to that point, but after...

In my opinion, the reason this movie bombed is because the world is sick of these BS end of the world flicks. I have not seen this movie, or know anyone that has, but could probably tell you exactly what happens. It's pretty much going to follow the Armageddon/Day After Tomorrow/Volcano/Dantes Peak/Every other En of existence movie out there: Earth is oblivious to impending danger, crazy scientist discovers problem, Government don't believe him, people start dying, scientist gives the President the "I told you so" look, plan is hatched, heroes are found, one hero falls in love with girl, girls father/mother/brother/cousin/uncle/butcher/vet/or other random person from her life is on the Hero team/ hero team has problems saving Earth/ girls acquaintance must die to save the world/ heroes return and have a party... the end. There, now I save everyone a good 50 bucks at the movie theater. No need for thanks.

I stumbled upon this post while surfing the Interweb and I can't agree with you more. I absolutely loved Sunshine. I've been following the production on this film for as long as I can remember and was not disappointed.

I have to disagree with iketurner in that this was nothing like Day After Tommorrow or any other those ridiculous disaster flicks ... this was a great sci fi ride. Amazing visuals and a stellar cast was a fine way to cleanse my pallet after some truly awful summer blockbusters.

Shame on Fox.

To IkeTurner:

Respectfully, you're completely and totally wrong. Not one thing on your list happens in the movie. There is no sanctimony, no "Oh, we did this to ourselves, woe is humanity" dialogue. The movie begins and ends with the people on the ship, intent on completing their mission. Exposition is kept to a bare minimum. The acting is brilliant and the special effects and direction are excellent. As has been mentioned already, the flaw lies completely with the last 3rd of the movie.

I don't know if I would honestly reccomend shelling out 10 bucks or so to see it in theatres (the ending really killed it for me), but I would definitely reccomend it as a rental.

It was enjoyable, however I think they should have kept with the suspense rather than go into the horror. The end got a bit too Event Horizon-ish for me to give this a great review.

I saw Sunshine on its opening weekend, and I loved it. To me it was the SURPRISE hit of the Summer. I just listed my top 10 movies of the 2007 (that I've seen) and Sunshine came in as #7! It was very well done and got me thinking that this must have been what it was like in '77 with Star Wars and the '68 with 2001. I will buy this DVD when it's released next week.

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