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Top Ten Most Annoying Kid Actors

For every great child actor out there (such as Freddie Highmore and Josh Hutcherson), there are about twenty others who are just so annoying, you can't help but want to grab the nearest sharp object and jam your eyes out. Or rather, theirs.

Here are my choices for the ten most prime candidates. (And say what you will about Haley Joel Osment, but I actually liked him, so suck on that.)

10. Dakota Fanning

Dakota's only going on this list as a formality, because I know how irritating so many people find her. Even though I do agree she can grate the nerves, at least she knows how to act. Still, with her non-stop whining like a little bitch in the recent Spielberg remake War of the Worlds, and her controversial turn in the movie Hounddog (where she gets pointlessly raped - really now, what the fuck?), I'm putting the bitch on the list just to spite her.

Filmography: I Am Sam, Hide and Seek, Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, Charlotte's Web

9. AnnaSophia Robb

This girl did a great job playing Violet Beauregarde in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaptation. Reason being, the character Violet was an obnoxious little C-U-N-Tuesday. It's just too bad that in Bridge to Terabithia she had a much harder task to accomplish - being likable. I think the fact that I wanted to beat her over the head with a shovel gives a pretty good indication of whether she succeeded or not.

Filmography: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Reaping, Bridge to Terabithia

8. Cameron Bright

This emotionless little peckerwood has been appearing everywhere these past few years, and I think he's doing it just to piss me off. It's almost like a horrible game of Where's Waldo?, where I'll randomly see a movie in theaters only to find his impassive mug staring right back at me. Talk about destroying a movie experience. This kid's fucking duller than Syriana.

Filmography: Godsend, Birth, Thank You for Smoking, Running Scared, Ultraviolet, X-Men: The Last Stand

7. Dylan & Cole Sprouse

Just one movie is all it took to get these annoying twats on the list. It also doesn't help that I recently caught about ten seconds of their show, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". Now here's my question: who's fucking bright idea was it to greenlight a show with these conceited and talent-less pricks as the stars? The only thing more disturbing than that is the fact that people actually watch the piece of shit. What is the world coming to?

Filmography: Big Daddy

6. Cayden Boyd

Ever see The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl? No, of course you didn't. But had you, you would've seen the biggest fucking pussy hero ever to grace the silver screen... in 3-D! The good news there is, you can visualize yourself actually chocking the son of a bitch. Which is awesome, because not only is he a complete tool, he's also a terrible actor.

Filmography: The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Mystic River, X-Men: The Last Stand

5. Josh Flitter

With his upcoming role as Robin William's sidekick in License to Wed, we're guaranteed to be seeing a lot more of young Josh Flitter. His last name is strangely appropriate, because he's a bit like a flittering pest that just won't go away, no matter how much you swat at it. I'm honestly shocked he's able to keep getting work. Do people actually find him funny? Or are they simply entertained by the fact that he's a chubby little bastard who doesn't quite walk so much as waddle?

Filmography: The Greatest Game Ever Played, Nancy Drew, License to Wed

4. Jake Lloyd

You'd think seeing Darth Vader as a child would be cool... Nope, not with this little bitch mucking it up. I realize George Lucas' scripts don't exactly give the actors much to work with, but for fuck's sake, this kid can't even put one foot in front of the other without making it look like he's been asked to act out a 15-minute monologue. Did you see him during the fucking pod race? I couldn't tell whether he was distraught, or if he had to take a shit.

Filmography: Jingle All the Way, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

3. David Dorfman

As if he wasn't annoying enough in the first Ring, he had to double it up for the sequel. They really should've had a ten-minute sequence with Naomi Watts just slapping the shit out of the disrespectful twat. At least then it wouldn't have been a complete and utter waste of 2 hours. But, as irritating as he is, he did do a decent job with his performance as the hideously ugly and weird half-retarded bastard child in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Props for that one.

Filmography: The Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring Two

2. Spencer Breslin

If somebody made a movie that consisted of nothing other than Spencer Breslin getting shoved down a hill, followed by him attempting to hurdle his fat ass back up, only to get pushed back down again, I'd totally pay to see it. This kid's the epitome of "annoying fatass". Every time he spews out a line, he speaks like he just got finished choking down another Big Mac. I'm guessing that when God made him, he was probably going for "goofy and cute," but instead ended up with, "OH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"

Filmography: The Kid, The Santa Clause 2, The Cat in the Hat, Zoom

1. Jonathan Lipnicki

I would never hit a kid... with the exception of this one. Granted, he's a lot older now, but it's a nothing Christopher Lloyd and a DeLorean can't fix. If I could, I'd go back to when Jerry Maguire was being filmed, and I'd just roundhouse kick the little fucker right in the face. Then I'd stare him straight in eyes and say in the most sincere voice possible, "Tom Cruise is going to rape you while you're sleeping."

Harsh, I know, but what can I say? I'm an asshole.

Filmography: Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, The Little Vampire, Like Mike


Damnit man... You forgot elijah wood. His character in LOTR is so fucked up. He can't walk 2 paces without either:
a) Masturbating on the ring
b) Bitching about sam and thinking how he wants to fuck gollum

Annoying toe-rag he is.

Elijah Wood isn't a kid dumbass. He's like 20 something in that movie.

1 and 2 are the best picks ever..
I literally SEETH when they're on tv...

I absolutely HATE those two actor..kid... virus things.. ugh

i think you missed the mark when you did not place that annoying little red lipped kid from Problem Child as first place!

Well, you are -an asshole.
Not that I don't wan't to shovel-slap every single one of these little turd burglers, but you, YOU, I'd enjoy beating your ass with salad tongs and a full complement of razor sharp chopsticks.
As fucked up as these little douche-nozzles are, you're the one stalking their has-been asses.

Die you worthless piece of shit.

Now... that is not very nice u dick suckin fucker.. Those kids probably work harder then you will ever in your life.. Not to mention they probably make a hell of a lot more money then you will EVER make.. Im sure you were an annoying little fucker when you were younger, because by the way you talk about them, your still an annoying little fucker. Ur probably some poor fat ass sittin on the couch just wishin you had what they had. U jealous bastard!!!

God strike u!!!! ONE GOOD TIME

nice name, jackass.

these kids are terrible actors.

dakota fanning is, but she is the least convincing as a child i have ever seen.

See..... you people have nothing to do but bash on children actors/actresses... that is stooping pretty low dont ya think.. why not bash on the crack heads like lindsay lohan and Paris hilton.. But im sure you got enough life to read up on them too..

U are all ass holes.. except for the one that stuck up for the poor children

Now... that is not very nice u dick suckin fucker.. Those kids probably work harder then you will ever in your life.. Not to mention they probably make a hell of a lot more money then you will EVER make.. Im sure you were an annoying little fucker when you were younger, because by the way you talk about them, your still an annoying little fucker. Ur probably some poor fat ass sittin on the couch just wishin you had what they had. U jealous bastard!!!

God strike u!!!! ONE GOOD TIME

UR retarded!!1!ONE!1!!

jesus. you're a bright one, aren't you? these kids are every bit as irritating as the article suggests.

and so are you, apparently.

I actually dont find any of the kids annoying myself.. Ya'll just need to get a life and not bash on the rich and famous.. Its all jealousy talkin people... whether you wanna believe it or not. GET OVER THE SHIT AND MOVE ON TO SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT THEN BASHING ON SOME KIDS WHO ARE WORKING THEIR ASS OFF TO MAKE MOVIES THAT YOU PROBABLY GO SEE. YOU DUMB ASS

Top Three People Who Should Probably Remove Themselves From The Human Gene Pool:

3. People who spend countless hours compiling lists complaining about people that the majority like.

2. People who waste thier time writing manifesto-esque flaming replies regarding said lists

1. People who respond with their own moronic flaming comments to idiot trolls from #2.

That was the funniest dang thing I have read in along while!!!!

What about Macauley Culkin, with those red lips and enormous, trophy handle ears?

There are more annoying kid actors out there. Just check out the Disney Channel, for fuks sake.

Oh, Miley Cyrus! I want to throttle her when she mugs the camera, oh, every 7 seconds. I shudder to think of her salary.

God, I hate kids...

These kids are not visible, but I would like to kick the throat of each and every brat who has ever sung on a Kidz Bop record.

Good stuff. I nominate Paul Pfeiffer from Wonder Years who kissed his mom's ass all the time and always got in the way of Kevin courting Winnie.

Get yourself a life and leave these poor children alone. At least they are not wetting their pants any more. What you propably still do. You always have the option to walk out of a movie if you don't like it. And if you were young and had to read such BS about you, I am sure you would not appreciate it either. Write about the war in Iraq or Politics or start knitting!

it's pretty cool to take shots and kids.... you are a superstar. why don't you come out from the shadows, instead of hiding behind the blog... Oh wait, that would let everyone see what a worthless piece of shit you really are.... So easy to sit back to toss insults.. Have u looked in the mirror recently? I'm sure your mother would be proud if she wasn't smokin crack in her pimps house...

What about that little fuck wad Will Smith's kid. Can that douche be more of useless waste of pixels?

my lifetime goal, once i have everything in place and stand atop a mountain of cocaine stained with the blood of my enemies, is to run a rail off of dakota fanning's 12 y/o ass.

i mean, talk about satisfaction.

1) They're kids

2) Their parts are designed to make you react as you do, so you must be acknowledging them as great actors.

3) Please enumerate a list of specific animals that you love to torture, and why.

Ok. Just because your jealous of how rich and famous they are, it doesn't give you the write to just go and mouth off all these bad things about them. Also I was actually really surprised when I saw your fucked up comment on AnnaSophia Robb. She is a wonderful actor and has a great career ahead of her and,she also played in the movie Because of Winn-Dixie which you forgot to mention. So instead of saying all these horrible comments on these actors, get your facts straight and get a life.

Here something for you
amazing picture video articles

i find it absolutely astonishing that haley joel osmet is not on this list.

What about the kid from Stallone's movie over the top. Sly should of went rocky on that little shit and finish him off Rambo style.

While you sit at your computer, slamming some child actors, either looking forward to another year at school as a stuck up brat, or if you're an adult (age that is), and think about your own miserable life and all your failures, most of them either continue to have busy acting careers, are in or have gone to college, having had more success in their brief careers then you'll ever have.

Must suck having to slam some child actors for you to try to feel good about yourself.

Sounds to me like you are just jealous of these actors...there isn't anything wrong with them at all...if you want actors who are really annoying how about Will Smith's over privileged brats Jaden and Willow...they are terrible actors and only got where they are because of Mommy and Daddy...that's the kind of kids who need to be on this list...they didn't have to work hard they just got handed things right out of the womb...

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