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Who's Your Caddy: Setting Back Society A Hundred Years

Let me get this straight... This movie features loud-mouth black people and pompous rich white guys duking it out over a golf club membership? OH, THE HILARITY!

And hey, be sure to check out the laugh riot trailer at Yahoo! Movies.

But just in case you aren't able to appreciate all of the clever jokes and subtle nuances, here's a sampling of this movie's apparent genius...

I don't think I've ever seen a trailer that made me contemplate suicide more than this one. It's practically a parody it's so bad.

Worse yet, the pathetically stereotypical "culture clash for the sake of comedy" premise has been dragged into the ground and stomped on repeatedly, but for some reason they're still using it in about a dozen films every year.

The only thing more annoying than this tired formula is when movies have old white women talking/acting like they're from the ghetto (which wasn't shown in this trailer, but I can almost guarantee they'll have in the actual film). It may have been funny in AIRPLANE! (since they actually did something clever with the gag), but it hasn't been since.

Seriously Hollywood, FUCKING STOP IT. I haven't even seen the film, and already my brain cells are dying.

And on that note, I'd like to offer up my thoughts on a more appropriate title for the film (not that WHO'S YOUR CADDY isn't a stroke of genius)...


"stroke of genius" GOLF PUN!!

no comment:(

Thank you! I just wrote an article on this after watching the DVD - I'm so happy to see others are saying the same thing.

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