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REVIEW: Transformers

An exhausting but extremely entertaining experience, filled with some absolutely breathtaking action sequences and flawless CGI. The plot is at times beyond stupid, but c'mon, it's "Transformers" - what did you expect? Robots beating the shit out of other robots: this is what I paid to see, and I got it!

Shia LaBeouf is the only non-robot related highlight of the film, which is perfectly fine considering how awesome the robots end up being. He adds heart and emotional investment into a film that otherwise would've been completely soulless. Whenever he was on-screen, I found myself interested and immersed in the goings-ons of the basically worthless story. And then when the Autobots finally join up with him, shit just gets twenty times more entertaining.

I can see a lot of people hating the humor and laughable dialogue, but those things rarely bothered me. The only thing that actually bugged me was the excessive amount of actors who really served no purpose in the film, other than to stuff even more useless plot points into the damn thing. Very unnecessary, and sometimes incredibly annoying (Tyrese and Anthony Anderson come to mind).

Something else that I expect others may not be ready for is just how unbelievably geeky/dorky/campy/cheesy the flick is. Think of it as "The Iron Giant" by way of "Small Soldiers". This goofy quality was something I felt added fully to the experience, as it allowed Michael Bay to stay true to the original "Transformers" style. Non-fans, however, may not be as thrilled by the choice.

That aside, the rest of the movie is just a fucking blast for any and all action lovers out there. The final 30 minutes in particular are just mind-blowingly cool, with sensational robot battles abound. Fun fuckin' times!

8 out of 10


Nice review.

I just saw the film. It was solid, which is much more than I expected from a Michael Bay film. It's amusing, but at the same time it's rather chaotic and rushed. I watched the Transformers when I was a kid, which is why I had bigger expectations from the film, but I still think you overrated it a little bit.

I'll be writing my review of the film tomorrow. You can check it out on my blog if you want to.

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