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REVIEW: License to Wed

License to Wed
Bad to the point of frustration, the writers of LICENSE TO WED obviously took a course on how to make every character in a film as annoying as humanly possible.

The only person who almost redeems himself is John Krasinksi, but that's down to his credit alone, as the actual character he's stuck with playing is a spineless pathetic loser. Mandy Moore is a good actress, but there's nothing worthwhile about her here. She's a ditzy bore, and the way her character blindly follows everything Williams' asks of the couple is almost obnoxious in its unbelievability. If that weren't enough, the chemistry between the lead characters constantly switches between flat and tense, never once actually showing why the couple make a good match (or why we should care).

As for Robin Williams, I don't even know what to say. If his past acting roles haven't made you dislike the guy's comedy yet, this movie will sure change that. The only person more annoying than him is young Josh Flitter, Williams' boy assistant (quite the bizarre relationship they got going there). This movie delivers excellent evidence for why I ranked Flitter #5 on my list for the Top Ten Most Annoying Kid Actors.

Those looking for some awkwardly hilarious comedy (such as what can be found in "The Office") will be sorely disappointed. Every scenario and gag feels forced to the point of frustration, oftentimes giving you the urge to punch Williams in the face. And before that urge can subside, you'll notice yourself wanting to also punch the other characters too (thanks to the unbelievably poor judgment they exude when forced to respond to Williams asinine tests). Once again, Krasinski almost makes it work... but doesn't.

I'd also discuss the excruciatingly clich├ęd sentimental bullshit that spews across the screen about two thirds in, but I'm having a hard time doing that while also tying a noose around my neck.

What a lousy fucking movie.

2 out of 10


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