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MOVIE REVIEW: Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger
This movie's about as generic and lame as the trailer made it look, if just a tad bit better. Maybe the fact that I had zero expectations helped me to "kinda" enjoy it. Or maybe it was my respect for Giovanni Ribisi. Or maybe it was my love for Halle Berry's gorgeous body. Well whatever the case, the movie's a dumb, by-the-numbers thriller that should keep easily satisfied fans happy. That's all there really is to it.

Every piece of dialogue feels very manufactured. It's almost cringe worthy at times. I laughed out loud at a couple of the scenes.

Giovanni is great though, so he's able to make his stuff work. Without him in the film, I would've disliked it much more. Bruce Willis hardly feels like he's in the movie. Whatever. Halle Berry is fine, and by that I mean she is both decent in her role and SMOKIN' HOT! Yowza!


Sorry about that.

This movie doesn't deserve much attention. It's fairly dull. The big twist ending is stupid. It feels like there are some plot holes too, but I'm too lazy to think back and actually figure out where (I'm sure others can do it for me). Halle Berry doesn't even go completely nude - just some side boob action (but on the other hand, that was some stellar side boob action!).

Meh. Unless you thought the trailer made the movie look amazing, you should definitely skip it. It's a little bit better than THE NUMBER 23, but not by much. Both of them feel surprisingly similar in that they're tedious R-rated thrillers that might've benefited by by cutting down to a PG-13 and opening up to teenage audiences. Not saying that would've actually made them better, but at least they'd have a better chance at the box office.

4 out of 10

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