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INTERVIEWS: Blades of Glory

Here are my interviews with Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Jenna Fischer, Will Arnett, and Amy Poehler from the Blades of Glory junket.

Ferrell: [To Heder] What's up homes? This is our first time seeing each other today. After spending the entire day yesterday together...

Heder: I was watching '300.'

Ferrell: You saw '300?'

Heder: Yeah. There were about three hundred people in the theater. All the soldiers were there to watch themselves.

So I take it this was an irresistible opportunity, the two of you on ice, looking like fools?

Heder: No. To make ourselves look quite cool. Not fools.

Ferrell: Yeah, this was not a foolish endeavor. We were finally able to fulfill our dreams and aspirations of becoming figure skaters which I know that we all have.

Heder: There's a little bit of watching that and then wanting to get out there in each and every one of us, in that Lycra.

Ferrell: And express yourself.

Heder: It's all about expression.

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This is pretty much your first big movie out of the gate, after the huge success of 'The Office.' How did it come about?

Well, it kind of goes like this - your agent calls you up and they're like, 'So there's this movie with Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Jon Heder... Would you like to read the script?' And you say, 'I don’t think I need to read that script. I think I know already that I want to be in that movie.' Kinda went like that. You know, when I was offered the part to be in this movie, 'The Office' wasn’t really 'The Office' yet. I just felt lucky to be included.

So 'The Office' hadn’t come out yet?

It had come out but it didn’t have all the ratings, it didn’t have the popularity, it didn’t have the Emmy... it didn’t have any of that stuff yet. So this was a big exciting gig for me. It still is. I mean, I'm still the new girl in town.

So you're getting a lot of offers now for other movies?

Now, I'm getting more offers. Yeah. Now it's been really good.

Is it hard to find time though?

Yeah, because I work on 'The Office' eight months out of the year. Twelve hours a day. Five days a week. And then on the weekends, you do stuff like this. So there's not a lot of extra time to mess around. But, you know, we get a good four months off in the summer, and then we all just fight to get a good movie deal.

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How did you get this movie together, and were you excited when you heard who else was in it?

Arnett: I almost dropped out. When I heard that [Will] Ferrell was in it, I almost dropped out... because he comes in with a lot of attitude. He's clearly all roided out and I don't endorse that. We have to think about kids who are our future.

Poehler: He was juicing the whole time. We would get these threatening letters - cut out letters in the mail that said, 'Do this or else.' Then it would be signed Will Ferrell.

Arnett: Why cut out all the stuff and then sign your name on it? Also, it said, 'This is a DNA sample, just approved.'

You've worked with Will Ferrell before, right?

Poehler: Oh, Will and I loved working with each other on 'SNL.' I had a blast working with him when he was there. So in all honesty I was super psyched to be able to work with him again. It was because we don't work together a lot and so we like the idea of doing a creepy version of working together, which is fun.

Is this close to your real relationship?

Arnett: Well, we're not brother and sister.

Poehler: We're actually not. We checked before we started filming.

Arnett: We're not. Again.

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