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MOVIE REVIEW(S): Introduction

In the future I'll probably spend a lot more time working on my reviews for theatrical movies, but for now I'm just jotting down my quick thoughts on them. If you're looking for something with more of an in-depth analysis, check out my DVD reviews at

Below you can find my comments on some of the more recent films to hit cinemas...

While PLANET TERROR delivers an awesome heaping of pure schlock, DEATH PROOF adds a whole new meaning the word. Both are kickass flicks, with their own separate pros and cons.

PLANET TERROR is a blast. It's messy, lively, and completely ridiculous. At times it feels like it's a parody of camp more than actual camp, but that didn't stop me from having fun.

I loved it in the same way I loved FEAST.

DEATH PROOF would've easily surpassed TERROR if it hadn't been for some of the dialogue. I've raved about Tarantino's writing in the past, but here it seemed to hinder the experience more than help. However, once the actual car chases come into play, it became a balls-to-the-walls ride. It was also interesting how Tarantino played with conventions by basically restarting the film halfway through with a new set of characters. And from that point on, there's a very different tone set. The final frame of the movie certainly confirms that notion. In this sense, the first half of the film is pure throwback, while the second completely defies expectations - nothing quite as fitting for a grindhouse film than that!

If it weren't for the incessant inane banter, I'd probably be giving DEATH PROOF a much higher score. Plus, it needed more of Kurt Russell being a badass. While I did like how Tarantino changed gears during the final third of the film, I really would've liked to enjoy Stuntman Mike's awesomeness for a few more scenes (as opposed to what he devolves into later on).

No matter how much you love or hate these films, there's no denying what a creative and unique experience has been created. It doesn't quite bring back the grindhouse experience (not that I'd know), but it's fun. And a LOT of it.

The faux trailers are awesome, too.

MACHETE - The whole priest-with-guns thing was hilarious. I can't wait to pick up the real thing when it hits DVD.

WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE S.S. - The idea behind this is hilarious, but the trailer as a whole is nothing special. Nicolas Cage' appearance was a riot though.

DON'T - Funny as hell. It actually feels like a movie that could've been made a long time back. If it were real, I'd totally watch it.

THANKSGIVING - Awesomely hilarious. The killer f*cking the turkey/head was the perfect way to end the fake trailers and kick-start DEATH PROOF.

Final Ratings:
PLANET TERROR - 8 out of 10
DEATH PROOF - 7 out of 10


Blades of Glory
This isn't the type of movie you need to analyze too deeply, so I'm not going to. That said, it's hilarious. It's not going to make your sides hurt or anything, but if you like Ferrell's brand of comedy, it will definitely keep you laughing.

Both Heder and Ferrell do a great job as the leads, and the supporting stars are also very funny (Poehler and Arnett). As for Jenna Fischer... she's so goddamn hot. Rawr.

The only person that actually surprised me was Heder. Not because he does an amazing job or anything, but because I was appalled by his performance in SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS. But he does a very solid job here. He certainly helps to keep the laughs coming, almost even as much as Ferrell does. I honestly believe if they had cast somebody else, the movie wouldn't be as enjoyable as it turned out.

There's a TON of sexual humor, much of it homosexual-based (as the movie's plot implies), but it's handled well. They work in some gags. Also, the ice skating moves they do are a riot. There are numerous moments of obvious CGI and wirework, but it actually fits in with the ridiculously over-the-top style of the film.

Great cast, great gags, and lots o' laughs. If you watch the trailer and get the feeling the movie's something you might enjoy, then I can pretty much guarantee you will. If not, stay away.

7 out of 10


Meet the Robinsons
A goofy, entertaining family film. There are a few clever moments of humor, some great looking CGI, and a solid message (that gets repeated endlessly).

I did get a little frustrated at how frantic and rushed everything became as soon as the Robinson family was introduced (especially with how they immediately acted like they were Lewis' family), but those are relatively minor quibbles.

As far as CGI films go, this one's above average.

6 out of 10


Fun, fun movie. The plot takes a bit too long to get going, but the action sequences keep things interesting.

The CGI looks terrific. I was little disappointed at the lack of monster battles, but the other fight scenes were choreographed/animated so well that I didn't really mind in the long run. The visuals and action sequences are easily the two main highlights of the film.

The writing is sub-par and generic, but it's a kid flick, so I can't really complain. The awful humor has always been present with TMNT, so that aspect of the bad writing was actually very welcome to me.

Mikey and Don are shortchanged in the film, with much of the story focusing on the rivalry between Raph and Leo. If there's a sequel, hopefully they get a bit more to do.

All in all, a great piece of nostalgia. Takes a bit from everything - the comics, cartoons, live-action films - so fans should be pleased. I know I was.

7 out of 10


Well, I'd love to hop on the 10/10 bandwagon (alongside all my movie buff friends), but I think I'm leaning more toward an 8 out of 10.

I didn't get completely hooked until past the 20 minute mark, which is due in part to there not being much REAL plot to go along with the basic story. Maybe that's a good thing though, because the story isn't all that interesting. The acting helps to pick up the plot somewhat, but I never really felt myself "enthralled" by it. It's the visuals that make the movie epic, not the story. Which is weird, because the story really should feel epic as well. The climax was also a bit underwhelming (it's cool, but it certainly doesn't make the movie go out with a bang).

That said, as soon as the first action sequence graced the screen, I was blown away. Some of the most masterful choreography, cinematography, and direction I've seen in quite some time. Absolutely stunning. This movie really is style over substance, and in this particular case, that's a very good thing.

The majority of the film is actually a ton of fun, and I think I would've actually liked it to be longer (didn't feel even close to two hours - went by really fast). I think the reason for that was that it took me awhile to become immersed in the film, and by the time I did, the movie was already past the halfway mark. When it was over, I was left wanting more.

I wouldn't say the movie was a disappointment by any means, as I can't honestly think of how they might've improved anything... Mostly I think I built myself up for something that wouldn't logically be delivered. The trailers were amazing, but I didn't really stop to think about how the story would go along with all those awesome pieces of action.

EDIT: After having just seen the movie again, I found myself able to appreciate it a lot more. Pretty awesome flick.

8 out of 10

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